Rental conditions:

  • The renter is deemed to have received the rented bicycle / scooter in good condition. The lessor is deemed to have delivered the bicycle in good condition. The lessor is therefore not liable for any damage that the lessee claims to have suffered as a result of the leased property.
  • Therefore, the renter is liable for damage to the rented bicycle / scooter and will reimburse both the repair costs and the necessary replacement of damaged parts.
  • The costs referred to in Article 2 will be paid to the lessor in cash at the latest on the specified return date of the bicycle/scooter.
  • When returning after the agreed return date, the lessor will charge the full day’s rent for each day that the bicycle / scooter is returned later than agreed, calculated from the closing hour on the return date.
  • The lessor is at all times entitled to recover his claims against the tenant with regard to the rent and/or any compensation from any deposit paid, without prejudice to his right to recover the entire amount owed from the renter.
  • In the event of theft, the renter is liable for the current value of the bicycle / scooter.
  • The renter will take care of the rented bicycle / scooter as a good manager.
  • The renter bears full legal liability for damage caused to third parties.
  • All rental items must be returned before 6:00 PM. Exception location ferry port, where you can return the bicycle / scooter until the last ferry service from Ameland.
  • It is strictly forbidden to ride a bicycle with 2 people.
  • It is strictly forbidden to go on the beach with the bicycle / scooter.
  • In the event of any premature return, the full rent will continue to apply.
  • The bicycles / scooter reserved by you, for which the reservation has not been paid, is ready for you until 11:00, unless otherwise agreed. After this your reservation will expire.
  • We apply the following conditions to cancel or change a reservation:
    – If you cancel between 3 weeks and 8 days before the reserved date, you owe 25% of the reserved amount. During this period you can cancel a maximum of 75% of the original amount free of charge.
    – If you cancel between 7 days and 1 day before the reserved date, you owe 50% of the last reserved amount. During this period you can cancel a maximum of 50% of the number free of charge.
    – If you cancel or do not collect the bicycles on the reserved date, we are forced to charge the entire amount.
  • If you want to have the bikes delivered, a minimum bike rental of 3 days is required unless otherwise agreed.
  • In the unlikely event of an availability problem, we can offer you an alternative

Luggage transport:

  • We are not liable for damage, loss or theft of your luggage.
  • You must inform us 1 day before departure which boat you will return.
  • You must be present half an hour before the original departure time of the ferry.
  • If we have to arrange your luggage on the day of your departure or at a special time, a fee may be charged.
  • Max 2 pieces of luggage (suitcase or bag) per person.
  • We also take prams / pushchairs.
  • Max weight 20 kilos